Updating steam power

Posted by / 20-Dec-2017 21:14

Turning the bitrate from ‘automatic’ to ‘unlimited’ fixed this problem, ramping bandwidth usage up well past 30 megabits per second in exchange for a much clearer image.Steam warns that this setting increases latency, but I didn’t feel any more latency while playing, nor did I notice a significant increase in the real-time monitoring tool built into In-Home Streaming.A month ago, I mostly wrote about the performance of streaming over wired and Wi-Fi and the image quality that comes along with the encoded video.Those aspects of streaming I’m still mostly positive about, and I still like the hardware.I encountered these issues again and again streaming to the Steam Link in a variety of games.Duck Game wouldn’t recognize controller inputs and was impossible to quit; using the Steam overlay to exit the game left it running in the background with menu music at full blast.

The Link could use a fourth USB port though, and two of the three ports are placed on the back of the device—not exactly ideal for plugging in wired controllers.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris defaulted to recognizing the keyboard attached to my PC, making it impossible to play with two players using controllers.

Dungeon Defenders II opened a web browser when I launched it, which I walked upstairs to close instead of fiddling with the Steam Controller’s mouse support to get the game running again.

But it does seem like Valve’s been working at a breakneck pace since sending out early review hardware, updating the Steam client beta near-daily and pumping out firmware updates for the Steam Controller almost as frequently.

This is one of the two main problems with Steam In-Home Streaming: the software simply feels unstable, and troubleshooting from the couch is much more difficult and much more frustrating than it is at a desk with a mouse.

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